KICI-LP Radio in Iowa City

Low Power. High Impact

Local Radio for Everyone of All Abilities



Truly local radio is rare but vital. “Local” radio stations are often controlled by organizations far away. Independent local media is an important way to find out what’s going on around your town.

KICI-LP is a non-commercial, low power (LP) radio station that began broadcasting to the Iowa City area at 105.3 FM in June, 2018. Extend The Dream Foundation, KICI-LP’s sponsoring nonprofit organization, has a mission to include people of all abilities.

The station is offering a variety of compelling programs 24 hours per day, including:

  • Information about area civic, government, social and cultural affairs;

  • Intelligent and entertaining programming from a variety of sources; and

  • Music with a focus on Iowa musicians

The station’s slogan is “Low Power, High Impact”, meaning though KICI-LP broadcasts at 100 watts, the effect can be mighty. The station’s near future plans include streaming its broadcast to the web and adding more local programming.


KICI-LP Iowa City, broadcasting at 105.3 FM, a project of the Extend the Dream Foundation